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Rose in a jar

It is a great gift for everyone! Buy now to really impress!

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Forever Rose in a Glass Jar

Are you looking for the perfect, sentimental gift that will last? Do you want to make a lasting impression with someone really special? Then, the Forever Rose in a Glass Jar from Notta & Belle is the perfect gift that you have been looking for. Our Forever Rose will show your loved ones the value you place in your relationship with them, and they will cherish that feeling and moment for as long as our roses last! Everyone loves to receive flowers, so why not send one that will bring these precious memories back time and time again?

Forever Roses, Precious and Sweet

What could be more magical than receiving a gift that makes you feel like your in your own special fairytale? One of our roses will bring their fairytale to life! Every rose is selected and picked by hand with only the highest quality considered. Each rose is grown naturally, and only the freshest are chosen to be treated and sent to you and your loved ones. We know the importance of making your loved ones feel like they are the most important person in your life, which is why no one will ever have the same exact rose. Notta & Belle will never use any flower that is manufactured and only use the best and most beautifully grown roses. Your rose will remain as beautiful as the day you receive it for years to come. If you’d like to send a special message to your loved one, we also offer individual engravings

Forever Roses, Forever Memories

Notta & Belle’s Forever Rose in a jar is a gift that not only lasts. With ordinary flowers, you need to maintain them and care for them, water them and move them to and from sunlight. With our Forever Rose, you won’t need to do any work to keep them alive. They will stay alive for years to come with no watering or moving them. Because of the safe and special treatment they go through to ensure lasting quality, we only ask that you leave them out of sunlight. The glass jar that surrounds them ensures that dust and dirt won’t fall on them, however you are able to remove the glass if you would like to do so. You get to choose the color of your rose, and then you can select any personal engraving you’d like. It is truly a special gift for all that will make them feel like the only one in the world.